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What to Wear to Your First Hot Yoga Class


I don’t know about you but one of my favorite things about starting a new fitness class is getting a new outfit to get in the mood. Hot yoga is no different!

There are so many options out there and so many different styles, colors, fabrics, etc. The possibilities are endless!

With hot yoga there’s the added stress of trying to figure out not only what you want to wear but also what is reasonable to wear. It’s called “hot” yoga for a reason and you don’t want to get caught wearing too many layers or too thick of fabric.

Here are some of the main pointers to keep in mind when deciding what to wear to your first hot yoga class.


Layers or No Layers?

For your first class, you might want to consider wearing a couple of layers. Depending on your comfort level you could wear a sports bra or tight fitted crop top and a pair of tight spandex shorts. On top of that, you could maybe wear a very thin shirt over top this way you can always take the thin shirt off and just take the class in your sports bra if you do end up getting a little too toasty.

A lot of people take hot yoga in just a bathing suit or short shorts and a sports bra. Obviously not everyone is comfortable with that which is why layers can be a good option.


The Tighter the Better

You will be surprised by how distracting loose-fitting clothes are. Not only will loose shirts fall in your face when you’re upside down but they will also possibly flash parts of you that you wanted covered. This is just as true for shorts as it is for shirts.

Tight clothes are also great because you won’t have to keep pulling them up to keep them in place. You also have more freedom to kick, bend and stretch however you please without worrying about your attire getting in the way.


Is it a Co-ed Class?

A lot of women’s comfort levels depend on the gender(s) of the class. You can always call ahead and see if it is an all women’s class or if you can expect to see men there as well. It’s important to think about beforehand so you do not walk into the room only to suddenly feel naked (or overdressed).


Did You Buy a New Outfit?

Make sure you fully test out all of your new clothing before heading into a class with it on. Triple check that it is not see-through and that it will not get in your way while you are moving from one pose to the next. Make sure you have your full range of motion with your arms, legs and torso before even considering wearing it to a hot yoga class. It’s also important to check that your clothes stay in place so you won’t have to keep tugging at it throughout the class.

Hopefully you’ll feel confident about what to wear to your first hot yoga class now. Oh, and remember to bring your water bottle!


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