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21 Day Challenge of Self-Love


How Can You Better the Perception of Your Body?


We get bombarded with picture perfect bodies from left and right. Every Instagrammer knows how to take the perfect selfie, their best angles, how to configure the lighting to make them look slimmer, fitter, and what tags to use to make them sound better. It is no surprise that we quickly develop a set of negative feelings towards the areas of ourselves that we’re not 100 percent comfortable with.

Rather than spending lots of energy on criticizing, spend it on productivity.

Don’t let yourself be in a downward spiral of criticism and lack of love. That’s why is important to set daily routines that make you feel pretty. Don’t hate your body because it is, for example, aging or because you’ve neglected it a couple of times. Instead, think of those instances as indulgences. We moreover lack the wiring of love and positivity.

Be thankful that you are just the way you are. There are short effective practices that make you appreciate all of yourself and because they go deep into your brain’s function. Many coping mechanisms that we’ve developed from an early age on actually prevent us from loving ourselves, and moreover repress our own power and radiance. On the other hand, practice and repetition enable us to feel fine and think positively about our bodies.

As it is scientifically proven, it takes 21 days to make practice a habit. So, I encourage you to take the next three weeks to say positive things about yourself out loud. It might seem odd at first, but let it sink in, and allow yourself to feel good once it does. Feeling good is how you should feel all the time—even though we’re not used to it.

A couple of minutes of meditation a day can have tremendous benefits for both your well-being as well as physical relaxation. If at any time during the process you feel tingling or your muscles contracting, this is even a good sign. You are taking down cortical control in your brain and giving way to your mind to allow entering beautiful sensations to your body. It can also be a sign of resistance against life happening around you. So, through it all, encourage your body to relax. Moreover, letting sounds out will allow you to liberate whatever you’re feeling. Even moving your body will help you let out the tension from it.

Every practice might be different from the viewpoint of what you’re going through. So, listen to your body, honor it, and welcome every emotion. Bring love and appreciation to your body. Say yes, rather than make excuses for why the things are the way they are. Give it a try by saying yes to these leggings and appreciating how your body looks in them.

Dedicating a couple of minutes each day to your well-being can significantly improve the course of the events in your day. But, first and foremost, you’ll feel good about yourself doing any activity and tackling all the tasks that life might throw at you.

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