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How Does Your Inner Energy Affect Your Outfit?

Yogis who adhere to the more traditional teachings and principles found in the foundational philosophy are typically interested in harnessing their own inner energy. Known as “kundalini” in the original Sanskrit, your inner energy is said to be the force of energy within each person that makes them feel more alive. You may know it under a different name, as it is often described as chi or prana energy as well.



This inner energy is said to reside deep within the body at the first chakra near the base of your spine. It gives you passion, power, and energy to live your life the way you were designed to live. As a result, yogis who are tapped into their source of kundalini or prana may find that their source of energy often affects many aspects of their life including their attire.

Your inner energy plays a big role in how you select an outfit that pairs perfectly with your practice.

Because it is a natural source of your passion and feeling of being alive, it could be said that much of our personality is derived from this source. Without much inner energy, you will likely feel very sluggish and lethargic, dulling your senses and your personality. But what does that have to do with your outfit?

Your inner energy affects your overall state of mind and being. Yogis who find a large source of prana or inner energy in their lives will often have more vivacious personalities. These lucky few may find themselves gravitating towards colors and patterns that match their zest for life. Bright reds, deep oranges, and sunny yellows will all reflect the beauty inherent to an individual who aims to get the absolute most out of life.

As your inner energy declines, you find yourself in a more sleep-like state of mind. With a flatter feeling within, yogis tend to drift more towards colors that reflect their sluggish state. Consider someone who dresses in the darkest navy blues, deep browns, and earthy olives.

Our outfit is often a reflection of our mental state, influenced by the degree of inner energy we are attempting to harvest. It can help to solidify a certain state of being, but it can also do just the opposite. The colors that we surround ourselves serve to influence our state of mind as well.

Did you wake up this morning feeling as though nothing was going to go right, like you didn’t have enough sleep, and you just aren’t sure how you’ll make it through the day? Surrounding yourself with bright colors and patterns that represent the opposite of your feelings is a great way to boost your inner energy throughout the day.

Your outfit may seem like a superficial consideration at first glance, but choosing the right pieces may offer real benefits when it comes to raising your inner energy. Choose wisely to allow your prana to overflow and help you to reach your full potential each day.

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