Flexible Body, Flexible Brain

Flexible Body, Flexible Brain

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Neuroscientists have proven that yoga or any other form of exercise can highly increase your physical and mental well-being. Among the greatest benefits of yoga, physical flexibility will not only make you look really good even in your workout clothes but also, it will increase your mental flexibility.

This mental flexibility, also known as resilience, is a person’s capacity to quickly get back on track after a failure. Resilience is considered to be the cornerstone of success, and the good news is that you can develop it.

The brain has this wonderful ability to rewire, a capacity called neuroplasticity. When you work out, the brain creates new neurons in the brain regions called the hippocampus and the cerebellum, and it forms new neural networks in order to store new spatial and movement information. In other words, your brain changes with every new physical experience.

How to create the perfect yoga environment:

Choose the right clothes and yoga apparel

By now, you should know that you need to wear the right clothes so you can get the most out of your workout. Whether you love high-waisted leggings or compression pants, or maybe you are more of a body shaper kind of girl, choose wisely in order to really benefit from your yoga routine.

Choose the right time

Even though some teachers advise us to do our yoga in the morning, the truth is that we all function differently. You might be a late morning person, a night owl or an early riser. Regardless of others’ opinions, you know when you feel more energetic and productive. Since yoga is something that requires a lot of physical and mental effort, you should schedule your yoga routine during that time.

Choose the right teacher, workout, and difficulty for you

It may sound like a no-brainer but many people miss a lot from not choosing the proper teachers or workout difficulties for them. The workout shouldn’t put a tremendous amount of pressure on your muscles but it shouldn’t be too easy either. Choose a workout or a difficulty that is just a little outside your comfort zone. 

Be consistent

This is another well-too-known advice, but it’s the single, most important aspect of any physical training. You won’t have any kind of benefits if you work out 10 minutes today and another 20 next week. Even if you choose to do yoga twice a week for 30 minutes, it’s enough for your brain to develop resilience if you do it for months or years.
Enjoy it. 

Nothing is more rewarding than a good yoga exercise. Whatever clothes you wear or whatever routine you choose, make sure to always enjoy your workout.

So next time you need to bounce back from adversity or you want that get-back-on-the-horse mentality, put on your yoga pants and enjoy your yoga workout. You will be amazed by how fast you will be able to tackle all your setbacks.

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