Eduardo Sasso

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Year: 2019

Yin Yoga Pose for the Liver and Stress

Here is a yin yoga pose that affects the liver and gallbladder meridian. An imbalance in the liver creates stress, anger, irritability, and depression. This pose helps balance and promotes health within this area. This pose is effective by itself

Foods that will Keep You Cool During Hot Summer Months

I might be obsessed with food. Even saying that I eat five meals a day is an understatement. Most of the time, I cannot even diffe

Flexible Body, Flexible Brain

Neuroscientists have proven that yoga or any other form of exercise can highly increase your physical and mental well-being. Among the greatest benefits of yoga, ph

How Does Your Inner Energy Affect Your Outfit?

Yogis who adhere to the more traditional teachings and principles found in the foundational philosophy are typically interested in harnessing their own inner energy. Known as “kundalini” in the original Sanskrit, your inner energy is said to be th